508th| Recaps

The 508th was founded in April 2010 and originates from a group of gamers formed from an old gaming community which holds its origins in 2005 (predominantly playing Forgotten Hope 2 among other Battlefield 2 mods). Since 2010 we dedicated ourselves playing Project Reality. In December 2015 we entered the Steam Early Access of Squad through the Kickstarter Company Clan Pack and/or Ranger Edition.
During the twilight of on the one hand Project Reality (PR), and on the other hand Squad, the recruitment for the clan went dormant in late 2016 due to the fading number of new players to the PR/Battlefield 2 community and while awaiting the public success of the early acces of Squad.
By the end of 2017 efforts were made to kick things in higher gear again and the website, forums, public Steam Group and the Discord server were all revamped to fully focus on recruitment for Squad awaiting the Q1 2018 Alpha Early Access release.
Since then it has been somewhat of a yearly holiday season tradition that our very own Gus recaps the previous year and takes a peak into the new year on what’s to come. Enjoy.

2019 – “No battle plan survives first contact…”

2018 – “Did you get the clan running yet?”