Membership Types


Most common type of membership. Active members participate in a Squad, report to their Squad Leader or fulfill any other clan role as described in the Rank and Promotion Requirements. This will require the member to be active both on discord and in-game and live up to the requirements attached to their position as described. Member must adhere to 508th Rules and Regulations.


Members should post a LOA anytime they will be offline/unable to meet clan requirements for more than a week, but will return to active membership within three months. LOA requests should be submitted to the members Chain of Command as well as posted in the LOA channel. After the estimated return date, if the member does not return or prolong their LOA they may be counted as Away Without Leave (AWOL).


Reserve membership is for those members who are unable to meet clan requirements for over three (continuous) months, but intend to return in the future. We hold respect for people that are forced into reserves due to real life issues, hence our number one rule. However, people who are thought of making abuse of this arrangement will no longer enjoy the privileges of membership. Remember that you are still under the 508th code of conduct while in the reserves and failure to act as a respectful member will result in your membership being terminated. There are some conditions attached to this program:

  • Member has finished Basic Combat Training (BCT).
  • Member has access to matches, however non-reservist members are privileged.
  • Member will not receive any promotion during their reserve time.
  • Member will not be assigned to a unit.


Retired membership is for those who no longer wish to have an active membership on the 508th, and who do not intend to return to active membership in the (near) future. Its provided to members who wish to maintain a connection with the 508th. The conditions of this program are:

  • Member has finished Basic Combat Training (BCT).
  • Members can wear RET Tags in place of their rank, but must uphold Call Sign rules if they chose to do this.
  • Member must have progressed beyond the rank of Specialist or was an active 508th member for a prolonged period of time with no disciplinary action.


Member has failed to meet the requirements for active membership and has not requested an LOA (LOA), Reserve Status (RES), or Retired Status. Membership is terminated.