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Ranks Explained

Although the 508th is not a hardcore MilSim group we do use ranks to indicate different supporting roles and also for leadership positions and seniority. Instead of having one set linear path of advancement, there is a branching path of advancement after the rank of Specialist E4. That is long enough to decide on a member’s level of commitment to the clan, and capability to handle increased responsibilities. Each rank has set requirements and privileges which you can view on the category based pages. There are specific roles tied to certain ranks and there are ratios of each rank to those above and below (ie. 3 enlisted to 1 Corporal/Sergeant, 2 Sergeants to 1 Staff Sergeant etc.) Therefore there are requirements for advancements (such as time in grade), advanced membership types need to be applied for by the individual member. This does not happen automatically. The status of the individual membership also influences this.

Four options

Enlisted make up the majority of the members. After reaching Private First Class E3 members will receive Specialist E4 after a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks. After which they can choose for option A. which is to continue as Specialist E4.

If the member has a specific game or technical skill set that he/she would like to develop further they can choose option B. which is to apply for Warrant Officer (WO) membership.

Those members that seek more community responsibilities can apply for option C. the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) membership. This path is best for members that really want to contribute behind the scenes and that are (naturally) willing to teach and lead. NCO’s are the backbone of the 508th. A NCO member can later choose to apply for Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) membership or if the community necessity and requirements are met apply for:

Option D. the Commissioned Officer (CO) membership which opens up (per demand) at Sergeant E5. It should be noted that very few applicants to the Commissioned Officer membership will be accepted. This path is for members with a strong leadership abilities. Members applying for this path can expect to train heavily in leadership and unit administration, both on and off the battlefield. It is a position of great responsibility, both to the community, and to the members under that Officer.  Officer ranks are reserved for commanding leadership roles and department leadership roles.

It is important to note that obtaining rank is not a matter of personal prestige.

NCOs, Warrant Officers, and Commissioned Officers fill very different roles in order to maximize the effectiveness of the 508th community. To allow flexibility within the career paths there are options to enter, or transfer between, different roles with command approval, and demonstrated technical or leadership proficiency. 
This system creates a variety in roles for members to advance, at their own discretion.

Rank System Flowchart

Rank Categories

Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO)
Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO)
Warrant Officer (WO)
Commissioned Officer (CO)
Senior Commissioned Officer (SCO)