Ribbons & Patches

Awarding Process

1. The recommending NCO will need to post in #nco_mess four parts:

1. Recommending Award:
2. Name of candidate: 
3. Reasons: 
4. Description of Event: 

2. STAFF will decide if the ribbon will be awarded. To make this an award that retains meaning, the Staff will be very selective while maintaining a high standard for awarding.

3. STAFF or NCO can then post the award. The recommending Officer cannot also post. Thank you to Ekberg for creating the ribbons and patches!


508th Achievement Ribbon:


Requirements: Member is awarded for outstanding achievement or meritorious service not of a nature that would otherwise warrant awarding the Commendation Medal. Can be awarded multiple times with Oak Leaf Clusters.

Examples: Broad discretion can be used by leaders for the requirements of the award. Member performs exceptionally while participating in 508th events, matches, or in their department duties

508th Volunteer Service Ribbon:


Requirements: Member performed substantial volunteer service outside of assigned tasks for the betterment of the 508th community. Can be awarded up to nine times with service stars.

Examples: Substantial amount of time dedicated to server seeding while not fulfilling duties of the MP department -Substantial contributions to TRADOC department while not a member of TRADOC -Projects/Tasks that member undergoes on their own accord for the community that shows thought, dedication, and utility for the betterment of the community.

508th Commendation Ribbon:


Requirements: Member is awarded for sustained outstanding achievement in their duties. Can be awarded multiple times with Oak Leaf Clusters. Examples: Sustained excellence and commitment to 508th values. Mid-level award intended for SGTs and Junior officers who consistently perform in their duties.

508th Joint Services Commendation Ribbon:


Requirements: Member is awarded for outstanding achievement while working with other clans and groups in the community. Can be awarded multiple times with Oak Leaf Clusters.

Examples: Consistent professionalism, ability, and adherence to 508th values while working, planning, or negotiating with outside organizations. -Member consistently works and organizes outside matches – Member consistently works with outside server admins for the 508th -Member consistently performs and play well while playing in joint matches (Member should be mentioned by other clan for match play excellence).

508th Good Conduct Ribbon:


Requirements: Member performs all 508th duties with no disciplinary action, no AWOL, no No Shows/No notification (Unless sufficient reasoning) for one year. Subsequent awards can be given for 2 years of service there after with Oak Leaf Clusters.

Examples: Consistent performance with no disciplinary action.

508th Content Award:


Requirements: Member is awarded for creating outstanding media content promoting the 508th core values of teamwork, tactics, and having fun. Examples: Creating a promotional video. – Capturing screenshots for the Signal Corps Dept. – Other unique and exceptional creative means of promoting the 508th

508th Streamer Award:


Requirements: Member streams 50 hrs of 508th content. Can be awarded multiple times with Oak Leaf Clusters for every 50 hours. Member is responsible for notifying their Squad Leader when they have meet the requirements.

508th NCO Service Ribbon:


Requirements: Awarded on a 6 month schedule. Nominated by NCOs. Chosen by Staff.

Examples: NCO has gone above and beyond the normal duty requirements of an NCO to help his/her squad members.


508th Member Patch

Requirements: Completes BCT and is an active member of the 508th.

508th CCFN Patch

Requirements: Member has attended 10 CCFN matches.

Squad Leader Patch

Requirements: “Member is awarded for acting as Squad Leader and putting the needs of the Squad above himself in an exceptional act of bravery. “”ductus exemplo”” Leadership by Example. The member must have been recommended by 8 different people over their career to be nominated to receive this Badge.

Examples: Award given to members who consistently step up into the SQL role, and while under stressful conditions and under fire is able to lead his/her squad to complete an objective.

Years of Service Bar

Requirements: Member has been active for a year.

Examples: Awarded for 1 year of service, member can be on LoA during this time, but not reserves when ribbon is awarded.(edited)