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Opening up Military Police department (Server Admins)

Military Police

Takes care of the servers management in the most honest and equitable manner as possible. Will work closely with Staff, makes sure the server stays clear of unwanted behavior in the widest time-span as possible. Makes sure that both public players and 508th members will follow the server rules or face the consequences.

Play and survey on the gameserver(s).
Take care of server bans and kicks.
Responds to ban appeals.
Responds on the Server Feedback topic on the Squad forums.

Must not be afraid to talk to big groups
Must be available at least 8+ hours a week
Must have a mature attitude
Must take decisions and make a firm stand on carrying them out.
Honest and ethical.

Future Perspectives:
Tweak server rules together with staff in the best way possible.

Remember that server management is a delicate thing and we do not want to insult players while we are doing it so keep it in mind. This is a volunteer program, be sure that you can face your duties. This is not meant for personal prestige but to keep our server playable and fun.

And note this: Anyone caught with abusing his admin-rights to blackmail, threaten or any other way of misuse will lose them immediately and be punished.

Submit your application by replying to this topic. Candidates will be thoroughly screened.

Thank you for your service!



Application for server admin.

I am re-applying for the position because i want to make myself more usefull than just a mean killing machine.
I served as a server admin for the duration of my last stay at the 508th. but due to some geographical issues i was forced to step down.

I think that i would fit because i know the the server rules quite well and i know that i will make this server fair, but most importantly fun to play on.

Thank you
Signed; Specialist Ekberg

Could you repeat that?

Applying for admin duties.

After playing with the clan for almost a year now I've seen an influx of toxic players both new and veteran alike. Seeing what this clan and community have grown to it would be a shame to let it go downhill because of a few bad apples so to speak. With this being said I'll also being moving back to the states within the next couple of months and if we are to expand our NA player base it wouldn't hurt having a few active admins on that side as well.



SSG Outlaw

Application for server admin.


Hello there

My call sign is Asdsee

Due to my job and reaserch acivities  I am able to acsess Squad game anytime during the day.

If you will be needing any assistance for your server or servers I am ready to help you guys if I can.

I have a mature attitude, patiance and hospitality.


Note that I am a new recurit of 508th but I am eagre to learn and serve by all means.


Thank you
Signed; Asdsee