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]NG[ + [508th_PIR] Tacticool Teamwork (ENG) Server Information and Rules

 508th| Tacticool Teamwork (ENG)

]NG[ + [508th_PIR] Tacticool Teamwork (ENGLISH)

Server Rules
If in doubt, don't do it. 


  • No camping main, use your own initiative depending on map.
  • Passive clan recruiting is allowed. This means if someone asks to join you, then that is fine; spamming chat/comms is not.
  • No intentional team killing except for glitches upon request. Apologise to the person you killed please.
  • No cheating, hacking, bug exploitation or ghosting.
  • This server supports free speech. Banter is allowed, but unwanted harassment is not. Please respect other players and take your issues with each other elsewhere.
  • Squad Leaders MUST have a mic and communicate in English, unless stated in squad description.
  • No half-full squads unless specified in squad description (EG Mortars, BTR). Half-full squads will be asked to merge with other half-full squads.
  • Tanks must be manned by two people or more at all times. All other vehicles can be one-manned if part of a wider squad.
  • No being an arsehole. This involves any number of things such as doorway blocking through to world domination.
  • During seeding, please fight over the middle two flags and do not destroy HAB's or use CROWS vehicles. Seeding is in place when server is below 40 players or admin says otherwise.
  • Squad leaders must make a reasonable effort to play the objectives. Any squad leader playing in poor spirit will be removed.
  • Squad Leaders must have the SL Kit.
  • No idling on the server. AFK players outside of seeding time will be asked to pick a squad or be kicked.
  • Vehicles requiring the Crewman kit must be manned by 2 Crewmen minimum.
  • Finally, thank you for playing here. We will always try to be fair. Please join our discord found in our forums, if you wish to discuss admin decisions after a decision has been made.


We have strict criteria to adhere to, to keep our server within official representation of Squad. If we don't want to be a custom server, please make note and follow the guidelines below.
If you ban someone, you MUST screenshot the infraction. 
Administrator Rules


  • Please NO banning without issuing FAIR warning first. Mistakes DO happen.
  • Be professional and fair, our players are what keeps the server running.
  • See above two rules. I cannot stress this enough.
  • Read and adhere to the official server guidelines/requirements set out by the Squad game creators


updated FEB18