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SPC -Primate applying for Corporal(CPL)

Call-sign: -Primate

Rank: SPC

Position: SQUAD 2-1

Leader: SGT Jimbob

Applying for Phase: Junior Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks

Notes: It's a few months ago since I was promoted to SPC, but I feel like I'm ready to have a more integral role within the 508. I am very active on the server and discord, and would like to apply for S4 - Server Administration and Information. I'm an honest person, and I stand by my actions. I love talking to people, and like to help people have a better time playing on our server. I helped set up the current V13.1 map rotation, and want to stick to that map rotation as much as possible, and not switch maps mid-rotation as much as we have done before. I also feel there is a small lack of active admins on the server, as I often have to go find one whenever something happens.

I hope you'll consider me for the position.

Application received and pending review.