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SPC Gerrit applying for Corporal (CPL)

Callsign: Gerrit
Rank: SPC
Position: Squad Member, Squad 1-5
Unit: 1-5 PLT /A/1B/508
Leader: Mats

Applying for Phase: Junior Non-Commissioned Officer - Corporal (CPL)

I know it is just a week ago I got promoted to SPC but I think I am already ready to apply for CPL. I want to do more work for the 508th and I already did a lot of things. Currently I don't have squad installed on my pc but I will do this soon! I have a lot of time to work for the 508th and improve and help the current NCO/Staff. I think I can help you guys a lot and I want to help the people more in the 508th and I want to do more work for the 508th. Also out game!

Application received and pending Staff review. Thank you for applying.