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Getting kicked

So this isnt a ban appeal but i cant find anywhere to post this, but heres the case, so im cassualy playing on your server and i played for good 30+ minutes untill i got kicked, and the message i got was: recent vac ban(which is from a completely different game), go somewhere else. Which is kinda shocking  because it doesnt make any sense why should i get kicked for having a vac ban on another game. I cant remember the admin that kicked me but he kinda ruined my effort on those 30+ minutes of playing.

And i have a screenshot

Thanks for the post, we will look into and get back to you asap.

please join our discord for future server issues, its quicker thank you

Our Server Admins have discretion to kick any player that has a previous VAC ban regardless of what game franchise that ban occurred in. I do apologize for the unprofessional message sent to you and how the kick was handled.

Ok, thank you.

good day please help me i have been kicked from your squad server, it keeps saying Dont Troll others Perma banned

i know that i put a land mine down on demolition map and told my team mates to be careful and the first car went around BUT my

squad leader drove over the mine and killed 5 other members i then was kicked, i dont think that was my fault at all please help

regards Damon

Hi Damon, any chance you could let me know what your Steam Name is? Or the Steam Name you were using when this happened?

damon is the name i use, i hope that will help


thanks for the quick response