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]NG[ + 508th vs [RIP] - Friendly Scrim - 37v37 - Thursday 6th December 19:00 UTC


We have a friendly scrim against [RIP] with our brothers and sisters in ]NG[. If you can make the above please reply to this forum post stating so. There will be assigned roles however if you state a role preference it will be taken into account.

Map is Talil Outskirts RAAS


SGT Kadone


Sign Ups

  1. SPC-Phoenix
  2. SPC-Jerry - Tank Commander
  3. PVT-Silva - Medic
  4. SPC-Clutterman - SL / Grenadier / Tank Crewman
  5. PVT-DoomDutch - MG
  6. REC-Skaven
  7. SPC-Slash
  8. PVT-Lizzard - MG / Marksman
  9. SPC-Vahe
  10. PFC-Ryo
  11. PFC-Chucky - Optic/Medic
  12. PVT-PoohBear - LAT/Medic




I'm in

I'm in

Would prefer medic, LAT or heavy MG

I’m in! Let’s clutter fuck them! I can SL or grenader/tank. If not I am fine with anything else too 😂

+1 Also would prefer LMG and Creman most, medic or LAT/HAT secondary.

Add doom dutch to the list

Caecilius est in horto


Sorry guys i would love to play but im on the afternoon shift

plus one

+1, I would love to be HMG or Marksman, if not, than anything else


Sorry i cant make it, im working the afternoon shift




Regards Ryo


+1 medic or lat but don't mind if I have to do anything else.

Sounds like a good chance to get involved


IM in if you need another happy to play anything would prefer heavy MG or AT

Regards Ryo