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Promotion on 28OCT18


Attention to Order:

On behalf of the Secretary of the Army and by order of Chief of Staff of the United States, it is my great pleasure and honor to announce that on this day 28th of October, 2018 the following promotion is granted:

  • Kadone


Addressed as "Sergeant"


Sergeants are the backbone of the NCO corps, and as a result, can be expected to perform better both on and off the battlefield.  This is the minimum rank required to be assigned to a Team Leader position.  As a Team Leader, a Sergeant is expected to keep his assigned team combat effective through strong leadership and proper use of tactics, and to support the Squad Leader in any way possible.


You should change your rank in Discord and in-game to reflect this rank as soon as possible.


•Member may be assigned to a Team Leader position
•Member can apply for Senior Non-Commissioned Officer membership, and upon acceptance will be transferred to the rank of Staff Sergeant
•Member can apply for the Commissioned Officer program, and upon acceptance will be transferred to the rank of Second Lieutenant


Your first squad assignment is processing.




I’m honoured, thanks very much Gus and staff 🙂


Go kadone

Caecilius est in horto