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508th Department Updates!


Attention to Order:


In order to better serve the 508th, Staff has decided to officially accept CPL Zahler and CPL Kadone as our new department Leads!


CPL Kadone -TRADOC Lead - The TRADOC Lead is assigned/approved by application to the 508th staff and confirmed by the TRADOC officer. The TRADOC Lead is the senior NCO in charge of running and organizing day to day TRADOC operations including:

  • Ensuring the TRADOC Google Drive folder stays updated

- TRADOC Projects list is updated

- TRADOC projects/courses/trainings/manuals stay updated

-TRADOC roster stays updated

- Oversees the creation of new TRADOC courses, Materials, Documents, and References

- Ensures updated and new TRADOC Materials conform to a standard format

- Schedules Training (BCT, AIT, WLC, OSC)

- Organizes and Trains instructors and logs instructors

- Ensures Trainings are held on time

- Ensures Promotion posts are made

- Ensures completion of training is properly logged

- Helps to plan future courses, and helps to schedule training requested by other personnel


CPL Zahler - Recruitment and Retention Lead - The Recruitment and Retention Lead is responsible for contacting, helping, and responding to potential 508th members. They  ensure potential members fit the clan and are scheduled for a BCT to become part of the unit. The Lead is also responsible for contacting MIA/AWOL members, informing them of the 508ths reserve, Leave of Absence or Retirement policies; and processing members leaving. The lead ensures that members leaving the 508th are properly accounted for, contacted, and removed from or updated on clan rosters.


Please congratulate both members!





Well done

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