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Promotions on 19SEP18


Attention to Order:

On behalf of the Secretary of the Army and by order of Chief of Staff of the United States, it is my great pleasure and honor to announce that on this day September 19, 2018 the following promotions are granted:

  • Zahler

Corporal (CPL)

Addressed as "Corporal"

Corporal is the base of the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) ranks in the 508th. This rank is awarded to soldiers that have demonstrated a strong leadership potential, and a desire to develop that potential. On the battlefield, Corporals are expected to take charge of those around them in the absence of other orders or leadership, and to assist the leaders above them in any way possible.


You should change your rank in Discord to reflect this rank as soon as possible.
CPL [508th_PIR] NAME

Don't forget to change your steam group nicknames as well!


Well done mate!!!

Caecilius est in horto