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Promotions on 05SEP18


Attention to Order:

On behalf of the Secretary of the Army and by order of Chief of Staff of the United States, it is my great pleasure and honor to announce that on this day September 5, 2018 the following promotion is granted:


Addressed as “Sir”

Warrant officers are the technical specialists of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Respected for their technical knowledge and proficiency, Warrant Officers keep the 508th in fighting shape and provide mobility and fire support in combat. Warrant Officers advance by way of technical proficiency and knowledge rather than by leadership abilities. Warrant Officers are technicians, not leaders of men. NCO’s are leaders, and work hard for their stripes. While they are treated with respect due to their rank and abilities, Warrant Officers will not give orders to or disrespect Non-commissioned Officers, especially in the presence of Enlisted personnel. If a Warrant Officer has an issue with a Non-commissioned Officer, the issue should be brought to that NCO’s Commanding Officer to be resolved.


•Member has applied for the Warrant Officer program, been accepted, and completed all necessary training
•Member has demonstrated acceptable technical proficiency in their area of expertise


•Member may join a Clan Department
•If the member joins a Clan Department, that member may receive a clan email address
•Access to higher level training courses


You should change your rank in Discord to reflect this rank as soon as possible.

WO1 [508th_PIR] NAME

Don't forget to change your steam group nicknames as well!


Thanks for the promotion, appreciate it!