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Opening up TRADOC department


Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) S7

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Department for Training and Development


  • Finishing recruit status
    • Takes on recruits with REC status from Recruitment (S1)
    • Set Basic Combat Training dates with new recruits.
    • Inform Recruitment Department on MIA/AWOL Recruits
  • Schedule and teach
    • Schedule BCT training with at least two qualified instructors
    • Schedule AIT training with at least two qualified instructors
    • Schedule additional training as requested
  • Create, Plan, and Manage
    • Update and create new 508th courses
      • Manage 508th Training documents
      • Take and implement classes/ideas/input from all class member
    • Manage/organize training requirements,locations, systems for approving new/updated work



Must be Corporal or higher.

Must not be afraid to take lead and talk to big groups.

Must be available at least 6+ hours a week.

Must have a mature attitude.


Future Prospects:

Create new drills and training for different qualifications (Armour, Logistics Mortars, Weapons, NCO course, Warrant Officer Course, Officer Course)

NOTE: Remember that this is a volunteer program and be sure that you can face your duties. This is not meant for personal prestige but to drill and educate new paratroopers to the very best of their capabilities.

Application Template (only fill out what's applicable):

Callsign: NAME
Rank: SPC, SGT etc.
Position: SQUAD MEMBER, SQUAD 2IC etc.
Unit: 1st Plt. A Com. 1st Bat. etc.
Leader: SGT NAME etc.
Applying for: Recruitment Department, Senior NCO Membership etc.
Notes: Brief motivation, experience, skills etc.


"Divide and rule, a sound motto. Unite and lead, a better one"

Callsign: Ekberg
Rank: PFC
Position: SQUAD
Applying for: TRADOC
I have previous experience in leading drills for new recruits.

I was the e-sport managment for a large community untill fairly recently.

Could you repeat that?

Callsign: Viking
Rank: SPC
Position: Alpha Team Teamleader
Unit: 1st Platoon, A Company, Alpha Team
Leader: CPL. Benji
Applying for:  Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) S7
I have experience in recruting and training new recruits and enlisted members from my time in [TP] aswell as planning and managing trainings and events

Callsign: Outlaw
Rank: SPC
Position: Fire Team Leader
Unit: 1st Squad, 2nd PLT, A Company, 1st Battalion, 508th INF Regiment
Leader: SGT Jimbob
Applying for: Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) S7
Notes: I have extensive knowledge in small unit tactics, as well as how to employ and use the different weapon systems.

Thanks Outlaw! member of the department will be in touch!

Callsign: Warcry
Rank: SPC
Position: -
Unit: -
Leader: -

Applying for: TRADOC

I believe my game experience and tips would come in handy .


cheers warcry. As with Outlook, staff will be in touch shortly

Callsign: Benji
Rank: SGT
Unit: 1st Plt. 2nd Squad.
Leader: 2LT Olekander.
Applying for: Tradoc.
Notes: I have detailed game knowledge, capable of taking and organising BCTs should it be nescesary, have also run a few BCTs already with jimbob, ekberg etc.

Approved. Welcome to TRADOC. Will be contacting you shortly on S7 - Department indoc processing.

Callsign: Kadone
Rank: CPL
Unit: 1st Plt.
Leader: SGT Benji.
Applying for: TRADOC Department.
Notes: My game knowledge is rapidly expanding, am very keen to learn more, and am happy to help with BCT's / AIT's when available. I mainly play medic and am proficient in medic knowledge, and take positioning, spacing and discipline very seriously.

Callsign: Mats
Rank: CPL
Unit: 1st Plt.
Leader: SGT Benji.
Applying for: TRADOC Department.
Notes: I`m learning more and more about the game everyday, and want to learn from the other people in the community. Want to help out with the BCT`s when possible. Also want to help in the background with keeping doc`s up to date and making new ones

Approved. Welcome to TRADOC. You should have access to the TRADOC Materials and Website Forums now.

Callsign: Gerrit
Rank: PVT
Position: -
Unit: 4-1PLT/A/1B/508

Applying for: TRADOC department


Well as first I know that I am still a PVT but I thought let's try it anyways. I really liked my BCT and got really interrested in what the current trainers are doing. I want to give my mindset and skills I learned from the army into TRADOC as well. I have a lot of time available and I can basicly do every day a BCT for new recruits. I really like it to learn people new things and talk and lead big groups. I served 2,5 years for the Dutch army and got a lot of information from there what I could bring to the trainings/BCT. I want to give my experience from real life and in-game as well to you! I could learn the new people a lot of things and I really want to spend my time into this department!

Application received and will be reviewed. Thank you for your interest!

Nice one!

Application approved. Report to your Department lead SGT Zahler. Department Officer 1LT Guardian.