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508th| Banner Update Request

Attention to Order:

The 508th Staff would like to open up to our members the opportunity to create a new banner to represent the 508th. This banner will be used on the roster as the default banner, 508th Youtube, Steam, and other various branding locations.

This will be open to anyone in the 508th, and will have three stages.

  1. The first stage will have all interested members submit a rough draft idea for banner ideas. Staff will then meet and discuss the ideas and select candidates to move onto stage two. We don't want someone to spend a lot of time on something to have it rejected, so this stage will allow you to create something simple, even a hand written sketch is fine, and not use up too much of your time.
  2. The second stage will include the top rough draft ideas from stage one. At this stage you can take your rough draft design to a completed and final design.
  3. Depending on the amount of entries submitted the final selection will either come from Staff, or if there are enough entries that make it to this stage the Staff will look into having a community wide vote to select the best banner.


  1. No real-life pictures. Images must be from in-game screenshots. For example our old banner, has a real-life human on the cover. That real-life human should be a Squad-character. These pictures can be staged, use your imagination! Squad would be preferred, but images with ArmA would also be considered. A scene in the background is not necessary either! If there is one it should be from in-game. No real life images.
  2. The main banner should be a 1000 x 370 px. We are open to having several banners of different sizes. Another consideration is the ability to scale the banner to different sizes.  Our previous banner was 1000x210. If you have a suggestion on the size, let us know. This is restricted by the website to a ratio of 2.7:1
  3. Should incorporate the standard 508th Shield and name of our group. Links to our standard media assets will be provided.


Please submit any questions and entries by replying to this topic. 

Our old banners for reference:



Standard Media Forum Post Link

I have a hand at Photoshop. Is this open for members in the Blue Period?

Yes, I would recommend starting with a very basic rough draft for us to look over and then we can decide and go from there.

Just a rough one, have to edit this one way more but just a basic one. Will make more banners btw. pix 1000 x 370

Uploaded files:
  • Naamloos-1.jpg

Really basic banner

Uploaded files:
  • 508th-banner-2.jpg

I think the fade is cooler than the ribbon imo. Or if you did the ribbon more like the flag folding over itself. Any in-game screenshots to put in it?

Well I could try to change some things. I could at least get a in-game screenshot.


Nice one!

Some more WIPs, gotta play around with the sizes



Maybe blurring the background behind the text would look more interesting? Like left is sharpened, right blurred, masked with gradient