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Promotions on 14th of May 2018

Attention to Order:

On behalf of the Secretary of the Army and by order of Chief of Staff of the United States, it is my great pleasure and honor to announce that on this day May 14th, 2018 the following promotions are granted:

  • Olekander


Addressed as "Sergeant"

Staff Sergeant is the minimum required rank for being assigned to a Squad Leader position.  As a Squad Leader, an NCO is responsible for his soldiers both on and off the battlefield.  Off the battlefield, a Squad Leader is responsible for ensuring that his soldiers basic needs are met and that they are meeting their basic requirements of clan membership such as activity and installation of required programs.  On the battlefield, a Squad Leader is responsible for keeping his squad combat effective through strong leadership and proper usage of tactics.


You should change your rank in Discord to reflect this rank as soon as possible.
SSG [508th_PIR] NAME

Don't forget to change your steam group nicknames as well!


Please congratulate Olekander on his promotion to SSG and as the newest member of clan staff!

Hipp hipp hurray!

Congrats on the promotion Olekander, well deserved!

Mwa! thanks 😀 <3

Well done, sarge

Sempre avanti


THanks lads 🙂