Rules and Regulations

Date: 02DEC2017

1. Life comes first. Family, friends, and real world responsibilities should always be your first priority.

2. The 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment clan is made up of mature gamers who play as a team, use tactics, and above all, have fun. Although we do use a military name and rank structure, we are not a hardcore milsim clan.

3. As a member of our community, you are expected to participate on our website and servers, as well as engage in activities hosted by the clan. If you are unable to do so for a specific event or a longer period of time, we expect you to report your absence ahead of time with a Leave of Absence (LoA) form.

4. There is to be respect in this clan for everyone. No racial slurs will be tolerated. You will always be polite on another person’s/group’s/community’s server, as you are a guest and a representative of our clan.

5. When you wear our tag, you are expected to treat it with respect. It not only identifies you as an individual member of the 508th, but will also identify your fellow brothers in arms. You’re part of a unit now; act like it.

6. We reserve the right to discharge anyone and to deny him or her access to our community.

7. No multi-clanning within Squad or ARMA III.

VoIP Rules and Regulations of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Written by 508th PIR Soaker. Last updated: 02DEC2017

These VoIP (i.e. Discord or Teamspeak 3) regulations are here because when players are in game they can not see who connected or disconnected and if it was intentional or not.

What to do when you come into TS:
1. State your name and say you’re online (Eg. “Good afternoon, Soaker Online”).
2. Greet the highest ranking member in the channel. (To greet (non) commissioned officers say there rank followed by there name Eg. Hello Captain Guardian).

What to do when going Away From Keyboard (AFK):
1. State that you are leaving (“I’ll be right back”).
2. When you return say that you are back (“I’m back”).
3. Move to the proper channel if leaving for extended periods of time.

What to do when you leave:
1. State that you are leaving (“I gotta go”).
2. Disconnect from VoIP.

General Rules:
• No playing music.*Unless in a designated channel
• No singing.
• No mic spamming.
• When in game, use Tactical Comms (i.e. short and crisp messages).

General Orders of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Written by 508th PIR Ice, 508th PIR Chaos. Last updated: 02DEC2017

1. Always ask for specific instructions from your Squad Leader when joining the game and before respawns.
2. Absolutely no chat taunts, spam, arguing, or any other type of unsportsmanlike conduct on any server.
3. If you are not the ranking Officer or NCO on a server, let the ranking NCO or Officer handle any issues that arise, including discussions with admins.
4. No random asshatting.
5. Do not teamkill on purpose for any reason; contact an admin if you are being team killed.
6. If there are any problems with other clans or server administrators, talk to a staff member and leave the server. We’ll do the talking.

If you have any questions left regarding requested behavior, your account, or your membership, ask a 508th Staff member.